Structures obtained by X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, Computational methods.

X-ray Crystallography Structures

CheYHisFChimeric protein build from fragments of CheY and HisF3CWOBharat  et al., 2008
HisF-C***CArtificial (ba)8-barrel build from identical halves2W6RHöcker et al., 2009
HisA-IIHisA mutated to perform the reaction of TrpF2W79Claren et al., 2009
ABP-stnArabinose binding protein designed to bind serotonin, but without its ligand2WRZSchreier et al., 2009
Eno S39N D321REnolase with substitution S39N and D321R plus PEP2XQZSchreier et al., 2010
Eno S39N Q167KEnolase with substitution S39N, Q167K and D321R plus PEP2XH0Schreier et al., 2010
Eno S39N D321AEnolase with substitution S39N and D321A plus 2-PGA2XH2Schreier et al., 2010
Eno S39A D321AEnolase with substitution S39A and D321A plus 2-PGA2XH4Schreier et al., 2010
Eno D321AEnolase with substitution D321A plus 2-PGA2XH7Schreier et al., 2010
PotF_SPDPutrescine binding protein engineered to bind spermidine4JDFScheib et al., 2013
N-TM0182The sequence of N-TM0182 is equally related to two different folds 4Q37Farias-Rico et al., 2014

NMR Structure

CheYHisF-RMChimeric protein build from CheY and HisF optimized by computational design2LLEEisenbeis et al., 2012

Computational Models

CheYHisF-inputHomology model of the chimera CheYHisF, input for design calculationsCH-inEisenbeis et al., 2012
CheYHisF-RosettaCheYHisF with mutations suggested by computational design with RosettaCH-RMEisenbeis et al., 2012